Erin Ferree Stratton

Graphic Designer 

I’m someone who does the big things (brand identity, print design, digital design), the little things (admin, organization, presentations) and the in-between – work well with team, sense of humor and sense of style, don’t take myself too seriously but take the work seriously.  

I love to make beautiful designs that work well, and help make companies successful. I’ve worked with a SaaS startup, a local community college, some big names in the tech industry like Oracle and Bechtel, and hundreds of small businesses so far in my journey. I’m looking for a remote, full-time opportunity where I can craft designs that help change peoples’ lives. I thrive working within a meaningful, caring, and dedicated culture – and virtual culture counts.

Strategic yet detail-oriented. Flexible, and meets deadlines. Passionate about beauty yet focused on results. Embraces administration, organization, and teamwork. Many (20+) years graphic design experience covering large and tiny projects.

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