Erin Ferree Stratton

Graphic Designer 

I’m someone who does the big things (brand identity, print design, digital design), the little things (tracking, time management, organization, communicates clearly) and the in-between – works well with team, brings attention to detail, and iterates without ego. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I do take the work seriously. And I like to work hard on projects that matter, with people who care about the work that they do.

I’m looking for a chance to roll up my sleeves and create designs that help make positive change in the world. I thrive working within a meaningful and dedicated remote culture.

I have many (20+) years graphic design experience spanning large and tiny projects. I’ve worked with a local community college, a SaaS startup focused on safety, some big names in the tech industry like Oracle, Hitachi and Bechtel, and hundreds of small businesses so far in my journey. 

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